About SpaceTec

SpaceTec was established in 1996 and is importing a vast selection of model rocketry products for medium- and high power rocketry.

Kits, engines, parachutes or electronics, there is (allmost) nothing you won't find in our inventory.

A large storage is ensuring that articles are not only listed but readily available from stock.


But SpaceTec is more than just products and prices.

Customer service and consulting are our main focus!


The person standing behind SpaceTec is well known in the rocketry scene:

Juerg Thuering, engineer and an active model rocketeer for over 30 years now.

As prefekt of TRA Switzerland (ARGOS) and member of the "Technical Advisory Pannel" inside the Tripoli Rocketry Association he is an active promotor of the hobby also outside of SpaceTec.