News of 15. 1. 2013

PML Pricelist 2013 online

Due to the massive change in exchange rates over the past year, we have decided to write off 20% of the value of our complete stock or PML products. The new pricelist 2013 reflects the current cost situation and comes right on time for the building season 2013

PML Preisliste 2013


News of 1. 11. 2012

New Phone Numbers

Spacetec has new phone numbers

Phone +41 44 751 10 70

Fax +41 44 751 15 71


News of 27. 9. 2009

Spacetec Scale Cup at ALRS 10

At ALRS 10 the Spacetec Scale Cup competition will be held for the second time..

The purpose of this competition is to produce a flying replica of a real rocket vehicle that exhibits maximum craftsmanship in construction, finish, and flight performance.

The rules may be found here: Spacetec_Scale_Cup


News of 14. 12. 2008


In order to simplyfy oders there are orderforms in PDF, Excel or CSV for download.

Please use the dedicated e-mail address indicated on those forms to streamline the process!


News of 5. 4., 2007

AEROTECH propellants receive German BAM Numbers!

With immediate effect, all CE approved (adapted) AEROTECH rocket motors containing the propellants White Lightning, Redline, Blue Thunder oder Black Jack/Max may be bought and flown in Germany by licensed users according to §27 SprenG.

SpaceTec has ordered this approval immediately after the CE certification has been obtained and the "Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung" (BAM) has issued the corresponding numbers faster than we expected. This approval is one more example for SpaceTec's efforts to promote rocketry all over Europe.

In a next phase, selected single use motors containing less than 20g of propellant will be entered in th e"T1" certification process, thuss allowing purchase of some AEROTECH motors also by unlicensed rocketeers.