News of 5. 4., 2007

AEROTECH propellants receive German BAM Numbers!

With immediate effect, all CE approved (adapted) AEROTECH rocket motors containing the propellants White Lightning, Redline, Blue Thunder oder Black Jack/Max may be bought and flown in Germany by licensed users according to §27 SprenG.

SpaceTec has ordered this approval immediately after the CE certification has been obtained and the "Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung" (BAM) has issued the corresponding numbers faster than we expected. This approval is one more example for SpaceTec's efforts to promote rocketry all over Europe.

In a next phase, selected single use motors containing less than 20g of propellant will be entered in th e"T1" certification process, thuss allowing purchase of some AEROTECH motors also by unlicensed rocketeers.


News of 16. 2. 2007

AEROTECH propellants have been granted the CE sign!

After a long way full of obstacles, the CE certification of the complete AEROTECH rocket motor selection (except Warp9 for the moment) has been sucessfully completed. This is paving the way for sale of AEROTECH products also in those European countries that allready enforce EC Directive 93/15/EEC.

This is the official AEROTECH / RCS Presse release:


European CE Approval Granted for AeroTech Rocket Motor Products
AeroTech is pleased to announce the successful completion of the conformity tests according to European Directive 93/15/EEC on the full “classic” line of AeroTech model and high-power single-use and RMS™ reloadable rocket motors.

AeroTech rocket motor products have met or exceeded all of these standards for safety and reliability in use and transport as set forth by the United Nations and European Directives.

While CE markings are not yet required in many European countries, and their current local regulations may continue for some time, this is a major breakthrough for those countries where Directive 93/15/EEC has already been adopted and an important step for the future.

With this CE marking, the entire AeroTech rocket motor product line may be legally sold within the whole European Community.

AeroTech would like to thank its European distributor SpaceTec LLC, Mr. Juerg Thuering and Mr. Stefan Wimmer for all the work done over the past years in liaison with local authorities as they pursued this approval.

The CE approval is yet another achievement in AeroTech’s continuing effort to expand the availability of safe, legal and easy to use products for the hobby and educational rocketry community.